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  Don Murray

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Sunday, November 08, 2020 (This event repeats every year)
Don Murray

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Don Murray

Don Murray, born November 8, 1945 in Inglewood, California, was an American drummer, best known for his work with The Turtles (1965-1966).

Murray started playing the drums at the age of 15.

In 1965, Murray along with five other high school friends formed a band, The Crossfires. The band, who had gained popularity playing at high school dances, signed to new label, White Whale Records. It was at this time that the band re-branded themselves as a folk rock group — The Tyrtles (a/k/a The Turtles).

In 1966, Don Murray, along with bassist Chuck Portz, quit the group. Murray was originally replaced by drummer, Joel Larson, who was quickly replaced by John Barbata. Drummer John Seller eventually replaced Barbata in the final year of The Turtles career (1970-1971).

Murray's drumming can be heard on The Crossfire album, Out Of Control, and on The Turtles first two albums, It Ain't Me Babe (1965) and You Baby (1966).

Don Murray died on March 22, 1996.