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The following is a short excerpt from my “anti-method” book, better known as Drum Twisters: The Book That Will Make You Smile With ... Frustration.

Sixteenth note triplets (sextuplets) will give us quite a few possible combinations over a recurring pattern of six, which means that things can quite easily get a bit messy, especially when writing things down. As always, my friendly advice would be to sit down with a soothing cuppa and drink until the powers-that-be bestow their wisdom upon you. It usually works for me!

It’s just important to remember that regarding our counting framework of six sixteenth note triplets, a regular quarter note will cover four of those counts; a dotted eighth note will cover three; a regular eighth note will cover two; and a sixteenth note will cover one. Got that? Fantabulous!

If you’re still confused, it’s best just to look through the exercises and simply hit stuff either with the hi-hat, or in-between the hi-hats, while maintaining a steady beat throughout. Then leave all of that other nonsense at the door or with us nerds that have nothing better to do with our “time.” However, we’re still going to get you all in shape and ready for the beach by giving you some warm up exercises. Try playing these individually, from start to finish:

Owen Liversidge Sextuplets 1

Dapper! See, it’s really not all that bad, is it?

Well, you guys all know the drill by now (a statement you never want to hear when visiting the dentist). Yes, we shall be recapping our eighth note triplet beats, but slotting in some sixteenth note triplet check patterns along with a consistent backbeat on Beat Two:

Owen Liversidge - Sextuplets 2
Owen Liversidge

Owen Liversidge, currently in Atlanta, GA, has been an active drummer for over two decades, playing both in the UK and the US. He has a degree in Popular Music Studies from the University of Leeds, England. After teaching for 12 years, Owen has recently released two books for teaching drum set method - The Teacher and Student Method Drum Set Studies book 1 & 2, both available on Amazon.

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