For drummers who want to develop and enhance their sense of time, coordination, and concentration skills this exercise is perfect. It also develops confidence which is so important for a drummer, because the drummer must be a leader.

The Table of Time Revisited (which appears in Joe Morello’s Master Studies II book, page 71) is a take off from the original Table of Time from Joe’s original Master Studies book. I was very fortunate to have studied with Joe Morello for 6 years, and in one of those lessons we were playing the original Table of Time when I mentioned how fun it would be to play the accents from each exercise into the previous exercise. He thought that was a great idea and the Table of Time Revisited was born!

Remember that these patterns are laid out in different time signatures only so that that it will accommodate one line each. Otherwise each exercise would take too many measures to reach its conclusion, and therefore take up too many pages. But each pattern is meant to be played in 4/4 time. Each example on the video (see below) starts with a demonstration of how the pattern would sound without the accents. Remember to tap your foot on the beginning of each downbeat and take it slowly.



Tables of Time Revisited - Quintuplets
Tables of Time Revisited - Sextuplets
Tables of Time Revisited - Septuplets
Tables of Time Revisited - Octuplets
Tables of Time Revisited - Nonuplets