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We are saddened by the passing of our colleague and friend, Chuck Silverman, who died unexpectedly on May 1, 2014; he was 62 years old. We are thankful for Chuck's involvement with the Drummer Cafe over the years, and grateful that he chose to share his teachings with our community.

Chuck Silverman

My DVD and eBook, Basic Snare Drum Technique, demonstrates the teachings of my two snare technique teachers; Richard Wilson and Murray Spivack. There's just not enough information out there about these two snare drum technique masters, which is why I humbly give my take on their instruction which has influenced me and many of my students.

There is a scarcity of information about the teachings of Mr. Spivack and Mr. Wilson, though they taught some of the greatest drummers of the past 40 years, so these products are designed to bring the distinguished teachers’ methodologies to a new generation.

While I have made this available to Drummer Cafe subscribers, the DVD and eBook are available for purchase and immediate downloads by following the links below.

Basic Snare Drum Technique DVD
  • Divided into Four Chapters
  • One hour Forty Minutes in length
  • Available as a Digital Download

Basic Snare Drum Technique eBook describes in detail the inner workings of the Basic Motions involved with this very natural technique.

  • Wrist Turns
  • The Up and Down Stroke
  • Flam Strokes
  • Rebounds
  • Drag Rudiments
  • Diddle Rudiments
  • Available as a Digital Download

Bundled DVD and eBook available here:

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