Brett Vargason

Brett Vargason is a drummer, producer and manager living in Nashville, TN.

These days, the majority of Brett's time is spent working with his two partners, Todd Shay and Tom Michael, at Zodlounge — a music production company dedicated to providing an inspiring musical environment where artists can imagine, explore, and create music of influence. While based in Nashville, these three longtime friends and musicians have extended their reach, working for artists, writers, and publishers from both coasts as well as into Europe.

Brett has played drums and/or percussion for the likes of SONICFLOOd, Petra, Christa Wells, and Greg Volz, as well as working with such Nashville artists as Vince Gill and Alison Krause.

Brett Vargason is an endorser of Taye Drums. To view a sampling listing of Brett's recording credits, visit his page at AllMusic.