Cymbal Summit 2010

The Cymbal Summit, which took place on May 7-8, 2010, in Memphis, Tennessee, is the first and only international conference dedicated to the cymbal. Hosted by Memphis Drum Shop, the two-day conference featured the top cymbal manufacturers, industry experts, and artists - along with the world's largest collection of cymbals — all gathered in one spot — and the Drummer Cafe was there!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Paiste Educational Presentation:
Kelly Paiste, Ed Clift, Tim Shahady

Paiste presents this Exposition exclusively for Memphis Drum Shop’s watershed event; CYMBAL SUMMIT. Attendees will get a rare glimpse into the fascinating story of Paiste’s international development and staying power in this retrospective journey through four generations of Cymbal and Gong making. The presentation will be congruent with Paiste’s historical alignment with generations of drummers and percussionists, who have been an integral part of Paiste’s Sound Development process. The partnerships with top international artists that are distinct to Paiste Sound Development, will be exemplified by the participation of Ndugu Chancler (celebrating his 40th Anniversary with Paiste), Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain, famed Percussionist Eric Darken, along with Elvis and Neil Diamond’s Ron Tutt.

Never before has Paiste assembled this array of production artifacts, vintage cymbals and memorabilia outside of their factory in Switzerland. Those who are fortunate enough will get up close and personal with rare, mint condition Cymbals from decades gone by, as well as the vast realm of sounds that constitute today’s state-of-the-art program. Paiste believes this venue provides most excellent conditions to present their Exposition of the full breath of what is so tantalizing to drummers worldwide.

Confirmed Artists:
Leon "Ndugu" Chancler
Nicko McBrain
Ron Tutt

Istanbul Agop

Istanbul Agop Educational Presentation:
Scott Liken

Istanbul Agop America General Manager and Product Specialist Scott Liken will give a presentation on the the history and evolution of the Istanbul Agop company, incorporating the design concepts and development of all of the Istanbul Agop’s offerings. Lenny White will also be on hand to join the discussion on the development of his Epoch Signature Series of cymbals.

Confirmed Artists:
Lenny White - Website

Hammerax 2:30pm
Hammerax Educational Presentation:
John Stannard

"Metal as Energy" - A Look Into Cymbal Design
Hammerax president John Stannard will be presenting on the design of Hammerax cymbals and bronze hybrid instruments. The entire Hammerax line will be demonstrated as well as over 12 new items and several unique prototypes, never before offered for sale. Normally a very quiet company regarding design info, Hammerax will be even be revealing a few design features never before discussed. The discussion will end with a Q&A followed by the drawing of a free 19” Liquicy cymbal to one lucky VIP and then the announcement of the winner of a FREE 24” Whipcrash Ultra contest where drummers guessed the number of hammer dents in the massively loud cymbal. (contest details on the Hammerax website - Pee Wee Jackson will then perform several pieces featuring a wide array of Hammerax instruments. This will be the largest number of Hammerax instruments ever displayed. Over 50 instruments will be on hand, including the new 47 inch Boomywang brand hybrid.

Confirmed Artists:
Pee Wee Jackson


Sabian Educational Presentation:
Andy Zildjian, Mark Love, Nort Hargrove, Dwight Grant, Greg Zeller

Meet the Men Who Are Designing the Future Of Cymbal Making
See and hear how SABIAN has transformed the ancient art of cymbal making using modern techniques and innovative concepts to design sounds for today’s drummers and percussionists. SABIAN Master Product Specialist Mark Love and the legendary Nort Hargrove will walk you through the SABIAN roster of sounds, from AA and HH to AAX, HHX and beyond, demonstrating the differences between Vintage and Modern, Bright and Dark, as well as such innovative designs as HHX Tone Projection and AAX Dynamic Focus, two of cymbal makings greatest innovations. You’ll see Master Hand Hammering Artisan Dwight Grant in action, and also hear about collaborations with Chad Smith, Jojo Mayer, Neil Peart, David Garibaldi and others on signature cymbal designs. Plus you’ll get the scoop on such ‘Killer’ models as the multi-holed O-Zone Crash, Raw Bell Dry Ride, X-Treme Crash, X-Plosion Crash, the Chopper, and other SABIAN concepts that are shaping the direction of cymbal making forever. SABIAN continues to push the parameters of sound design, with this presentation giving you a taste of what it’s all about… and what’s in it for you.

Confirmed Artists:
JoJo Mayer
Jack Dejohnette - Website

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Meinl Educational Presentation:
Gabriel Harris, Brice Foster

Meinl Cymbals: Tradition Meets Technology

Meinl Cymbals presents a new breed of cymbals, created for the drummers of today and tomorrow. During its presentation at Cymbal Summit 2010 hosted by Memphis Drum Shop, Meinl will give attendees a thorough understanding of the company’s half century-plus history and how its development of cymbal sounds through the years has culminated into a new sound for the drummers of today. Meinl will give an inside look at its blend of old-world craftsmanship and new-world technology in creating its cymbals. In addition, an in-depth look will be taken regarding Meinl’s focus on developing the highest quality cymbal sounds utilizing more alloys than any other cymbal company. Meinl Cymbal artist Thomas Lang will assist in Meinl’s presentation, show-casing Meinl’s cymbal sounds through his revolutionary drumming.

Confirmed Artists:
Thomas Lang


Bosphorus Educational Presentation:
Michael Vosbein, Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton and Michael Vosbein discuss Jeff’s involvement with Bosphorus and the creation of his line of signature cymbals.

Confirmed Artists:
Jeff Hamilton - Website


Zildjian Educational Presentation:
Craigie Zildjian, Paul Francis, Leon Chiappini

"The evolution of sound for Zildjian cymbals in the last century"
The Zildjian team will discuss and showcase cymbal sounds from 80-100 years ago with an intense focus on development over the last 20 years including the creation of A Custom, K Constantinople, K Custom Hybrid, A Custom Rezo, K Symphonic, and Kenny Washington cymbals. The team will also explore the development of the "A" sound and how it helped shape swing and big band music. Experts will also display various hand cymbals and drum set cymbals from that era and discuss the differences between the famous "A" and "K" sound. Zildjian will also talk about developing cymbals with artists and how that relates to the music of today.

Confirmed Artists:
John Riley - Website
Peter Erskine - Website
Alex Acuna - Website