The Big Gig is much more than just an intriguing and comprehensive insider's guide to breaking into the music industry as an independent musician. Compelling and thought-provoking, it is an excellent resource for leadership training, networking techniques, and personal development. The Big Gig is the first book that describes the inner workings of the highly competitive music industry as seen through the eyes of a world-renowned and highly successful musician. The Big Gig provides a template for success by covering the vocational, personal, and spiritual aspects of a musician's life. The Big Gig is much more than educational. It is inspirational, motivational, and life-changing.

Introduction to "The Big Gig"

In this exclusive one-hour Drummer Cafe video interview, I sat down with Zoro to learn more about his new book, The Big Gig.

Zoro writes:

My mom gave me my first drumset as a Christmas gift when I was nine years old. The cost of the kit was only $9.99, and it had paper heads. I was so excited to unleash the groove buried deep within me that I destroyed the kit by the end of Christmas evening. Sadly, that put an end to my drumming endeavors for several years—but not my dreams. Eight years later, I bought my first real drumset for $100. As I played those drums, I often visualized myself being a successful drummer. It was then that I first began to understand the power of vision. We have all heard the adage “Seeing is believing.” I’ve always believed the opposite to be true: “Believing is seeing.” In other words, before something can come to pass in your life, you must first see it in your own heart, mind, and soul. Anyone who has ever accomplished something notable did so by first entertaining dreams no one else could see. Success stems first and foremost from your heartfelt desire to pursue a vision with all you’ve got. But you need to have a clear vision of what it is you are striving for in the first place. Helen Keller once asserted, “It’s a terrible thing to see and have no vision.” She was absolutely right!

When an architect designs a building, he or she has to draft out every detail of the structure before submitting the plans to the contractor to begin construction. Most of the work is preparation, planning, and designing. When the contractor finally begins the physical work of building, he or she simply follows the architect’s blueprints that have already been well laid out.

If you approach your career with the end in mind, you will be forced to devise a plan. By doing so, you will greatly increase your chances for success. It’s a complex task, however, and one that requires strategic effort.

As part of my career vision, I’ve always had a desire to inspire others and see them live out their dreams. From that place, I was compelled to write a book that would equip musicians with proven tools to succeed. This vision has been thirteen years in the making and now has come to life.

The Big Gig: Big-Picture Thinking for Success is a 440-page template detailing the vocational, personal, and spiritual aspects of achievement for your success. With twenty-two chapters, ranging from the art of practicing to marketing, my goal is to share my thirty-plus years of experience with those who are hungry for success.

Within the book is “The Big Gig Quiz: 50 Questions to Determine Your Chances of Scoring the Big Gig.” It is my hope the quiz and book will help you see the big picture and lead you toward fulfillment of your dreams.