Paiste Cymbals Artist Relations Agent, Tim Shahady, who was on hand during Paiste Day at Fork's Drum Closet in Nashville, TN.

Tim took some time to discuss and demo new Paiste products with the Drummer Cafe, including the Twenty Masters Collection Ride cymbals, and the Alpha Swiss Crash cymbals in medium and thin weights. Tim also shared a little bit about the legendary Paiste Formula 602 cymbal series, which was recently re-introduced earlier this year.

The Twenty Masters Collection is an assemblage of exquisite and laboriously hand- manufactured cymbals made of CuSn20 bronze to achieve superior sound ideals in various musical genres. The eleven ride models integrate the experience of the decades long art of cymbal making with the inspirations of international top drummers.

The Alpha Swiss Crash is available in Thin and Medium weights. Sound characteristics are exotic, warm, and trashy. These cymbals are fast with a responsive feel and decay fairly quick. An explosive Crash cymbal with a strong, low wash for unique effects in many styles of music.

The legendary Formula 602 cymbal line was first introduced back in 1959. This Paiste cymbal line is designed for soft, delicate to medium loud volume settings that require precise playing. Production was halted for several decades; recently relaunched in 2010. Formula 602 cymbals produce a true, pure sound of unique clarity; available in a 20" Medium Ride, 20" Flat Ride, 16" & 18" Thin Crash, and 14" Sound Edge HiHats.