Marv Dahlgren

Marv Dahlgren, born Marvin Dahlgren on September 8, 1924, in Hennepin, Minnesota, is an American percussionist and drummer. Dahlgren was the principal percussionist and assistant timpanist with the Minnesota Orchestra for 48 years, including many solo appearances. Percussion instructor at Augsburg, University of Minnesota, St. Olaf College, and McNally Smith College. Author and Co-Author of many books and publications including Drumset Control, 4-Way Coordination, and Accents on Accents.

In addition to the albums he has made with the orchestra, Marv has also recorded with Cat Stevens, Leo Kottke, and has performed on many jingles. Marv is also known as an excellent mallet player and performs on vibes with his own jazz group in venues around the Twin Cities.

In 2012, Marv helped launch the Global Drummers Alliance for Hunger Relief, to bring drummers together to raise awareness for ending world hunger in a user-friendly and effective way.