Warren 'Baby' Dodds

Baby Dodds, born Warren Dodds on December 24, 1898 in New Orleans, LA, was a New Orleans jazz drummer, cited as being one of the leading drum pioneers for pre-BigBand drumming.

Dodds (pronounced "dots") was one of the first drummers to improvise during a recorded performance. He often times varied his drum patterns with accents and embellishments; best known for keeping time with the bass drum while playing press rolls on the snare drum.

In 1959, The Baby Dodds Story, the autobiography of Warren Dodds based on a 12-day interview (over the course of twelve weeks) with Larry Gara, was first published. The revised edition was published in 1992. 

Warren "Baby" Dodds died on February 14, 1959; he was 60 years old.