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Famous Drum Company Tone Flange 14x5.5 Maple Snare Drum; 8-plywood shell with 5-ply tone ring, White Pearl wrap.

MSRP $600 (USD)

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Maple plywood shell with patented reinforcing tone rings, Slingerland Sound King lugs, P85 type strainer, triple flange hoops, Delmar plastic solid color, pearl or sparkle finishes. The tone ring affects the drum’s sound in two ways:

  1. Sitting just underneath the head, the wide ring dampens unwanted head ring in much the same way a plastic zero ring does, but without deadening the head or shell sound.
  2. The tone ring is glued into the shell in the same way a regular smaller reinforcing ring is, making the shell more rigid, slightly higher pitched, and very focused in sound.

Recorded by BAE Productions for the 2009 Snare Drum Olympics in Nashville, TN. Performance by George Lawrence.