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Famous Drum Company Turbine 14x6.5 Mahogany Snare Drum; segmented mahogany wood shell with a teak oil and wax finish.

MSRP $1,000 (USD)

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Features; Slingerland Radio King style lugs, Dunnett throw off, 2.3 mm hoops. An orchestral version with specialized snare cables and calf heads is available.

The patented tongue and groove turbine snare drum blades affect the shell in two ways:

  1. The blades sit just underneath the top head cancelling the ringy vibrations in the outer two inches of the head, creating a very dry head response but without deadening it or losing any energy transference to the shell.
  2. The blades transfer extra air pressure energy to the shell which makes the shell sound richer and more responsive.

Recorded by BAE Productions for the 2009 Snare Drum Olympics in Nashville, TN. Performance by George Lawrence.