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Laudo Drums, 5x14 Spalted Maple snare drum; glueless stave shell with a oil and wax finish.

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MAP or Sale Price: $900.00

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Stave drum shell designs have proven to be among the best quality construction methods in the world — providing the best tone and stability. LAUDO's drum patented design is an improvement over known stave percussion drums. By using a more efficient manufacturing method to construct a drum that does not have glued joints between staves, it produces a superior quality sound.

Laudo stave drums are not glued together, rather they are held together by interlocking joinery that prevents the staves from separating horizontally, eliminating the need for glue. Because there is no glue to dampen sound and interfere with resonance, their shells have the freedom to resonate, producing a true wood tone.

Laudo Drums have a wide tuning range — the shells are stable, strong, and rigid. Their shells are not bent like the traditional alternating grain patterns of ply drums. Since the shells are carved, the grain is vertically oriented allowing vibration to pass much easier in their unstressed state producing a warm vintage tone.

Each piece of wood has its own identity, history, character, tone and timbre.

Recorded by BAE Productions for the 2014 Snare Drum Olympics. Performance by George Lawrence.

First Place Winner: Segmented Shell Category