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Yamaha Drums VSD-1460 Vintage Series 14x6 Snare Drum;

4-ply Maple wood shell with 6-ply reinforcement rings. Vintage Black finish.

MSRP $770 (USD)

To obtain the rich sound of a vintage snare drum suitable for any musical genre, the V-Series(VSD) incorporates a variety of specifications. YAMAHA's original reinforced shell is equipped with a ring formed through the Airseal System, which is also used for the Airseal shell. The Vintage Finish process delivers maximum vibratory response in this series. The V-Series(VSD) is available in four visual themes, including new colors. The series features minimized lugs and bolts, as well as a slightly deeper snare head. These factors are there to bring out the amazing tonality you expect from YAMAHA. You'll feel and hear the difference from the various first beat.

Recorded by BAE Productions for the 2009 Snare Drum Olympics in Nashville, TN. Performance by George Lawrence.