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Technique(s) / Re: Playing the upstroke after tap stroke..
« Last post by Bart Elliott on October 21, 2020, 07:42 AM »
You can read and watch my lesson on the Four Basic Strokes. I believe I explain the Up Stroke in greater detail that may help you, and I apply it to the Single Paradiddle drum rudiment.

If you can, go into greater detail with what you don't understand or need more information about.
Technique(s) / Playing the upstroke after tap stroke..
« Last post by Choi on October 20, 2020, 12:51 PM »
Hello Drummer Guys. (Sorry for I'm non-Eng. speaker..)
I wanna make sure the kinda details of the tap-to-upstroke (or just upstroke..), like him (0:37~)

I could get something sense of that way by practice, but I wanna make sure it is correct, that is,
"for using most of the rebound, raise up my wrist softly at the time the stick starts to go up by rebounding of tapping."??
Percussion Parlor / What drum is this?
« Last post by Kane Turner on September 23, 2020, 06:19 AM »
My girlfriend bought me this drum from tkmaxx (tjmaxx for my American friends) and I love it but have no idea what it is. Does anyone know what drum it is or where it might have come from? Is it handmade? It also has something rattling around inside it, and I'm not sure whether it's there for a reason or what it is. Thanks for any help.

Here's a link to the pictures and a video of the rattling inside, and what the drum sounds like:
Just a brief preface to my response ...

I would not normally suggest that a bigger start out on an electronic drumkit... unless there is absolutely no way for that individual to own and play an acoustic drumkit due to the sound issue (ie. drums are too loud for where they live). One can always play on a "practice pad" to work on a lot of what is involved with drumming, although these pads have no sound, but are WAY cheaper.

The reasons I would suggest an acoustic drumkit to start with is that you can find these used for less money than electronics (although some of the options you've proved are indeed low in cost), the resale value is better with acoustic drums (electronics wear out over time), you don't need electricity with acoustics (you can play them anywhere)... and the biggest reason... you will learn to play on a real (acoustic) instrument that requires control, finesse, dexterity, and the ability to obtain a good sound. For the most part, none of these latter attributes are required when playing electronic drums.

With that said, if you are determined to start out on an electronic drumset, here are my thoughts:

You've listed a broad range of choices for possible electronic drumset choices... both in price and features.

Personally, I'm all about versatility. I want ANYTHING I purchase to work for me in a variety of ways, and having the ability to be expanded is a huge deal to me.

Assuming the product in question has received good reviews and feedback, I would want an electronic set-up that could be expanded beyond its basic configuration. MIDI In/Out Ports, ability to handle additional or substitute external sound sources, allowance for additional pads or at the very least being capable for repair, swapping out pads, etc., should they break or fail.

It would be great if you could actually play some of these electronic drum kits BEFORE you make the investment. I will say that if you are able to find a local music store or drum shop to tryout the drums, you should really purchase from them as well. It costs a lot of money to operate a "brick & mortar" store (I know, I'm a former drumshop owner), so it's not fair to the store to supply you with instruments to tryout for free... only to have you go and buy it off Amazon or the like. You may not have a local store, so this may be a moot point in your situation.

I don't have time to do the research for you as far as narrowing down your choice; you'll need to do that. Keep doing your research, figure out what features you need, look at the quality of the build, see what others have said about the instrument you are interested in, check your budget and go for it!

Be sure to report back and let us know what you decided to do.
I am looking for some suggestions for beginner drum kits. I was just wondering what you guys think is a good electronic kit to get started on. I don't want the cheapest thing out there but I also don't want expensive either. so I guess something low-mid grade, I have filtered out some options.

Also what about Yamagadtx450k. I was reading its review on and they have written that its good for home practice, learning to play the drums.
General Board / Re: I'm New Here ... (introduce yourself)
« Last post by Todd Dubovy on June 06, 2020, 01:33 PM »
Hey there.  I'm an amateur drummer.  I have been playing since I was about 12 years old, so that works out to about 45 years.  I have been active on and off over the years but I'd say more off than on.  At one point I was able to connect with some people in NYC and we did a number of showcases in the Village at the Bitter End and the Red Lion.  That was more than 15 years ago and I am now trying to work on my playing some more and have been jamming with some guys for fun before covid-19.  Looking forward to some vibrant and healthy discussion about drumming and music and anything else that floats your boat.  Big fan of fusion, jazz, funk, r & b, rock and all things Zappa.
Miscellaneous / Re: How to conduct a market survey?
« Last post by Hoakin Robin on May 31, 2020, 03:47 AM »
If you want to see the demand in your small city,I can advice you to post everywhere an offer that you conducting musical group or doing personal lessons and then you can see if people in you city needs these. Also try technique "word of mouth". I did the same when I wanted to open my paint studio near my property in Costa Blanca. It worked good and without any money
Health & Fitness / Re: Thumb and finger cramping
« Last post by Hoakin Robin on May 31, 2020, 03:36 AM »
maybe your fingers need rest and massage
General Board / Re: I'm New Here ... (introduce yourself)
« Last post by John Cross on April 04, 2020, 10:11 PM »
If you are new to our drum & percussion community forum here at the Drummer Cafe, and would like to introduce yourself ... this is the thread to do it in!

As the founder of the Drummer Cafe, I would like to personally welcome you and all of our new forum members! Tell us how you found out about the Drummer Cafe!

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the;sa=page;p=1]forum rules .
Hello everyone, and Hello Bart, we did an interview at the Summer NAMM show some years ago, this is Jon of joncrosscustomdrums and I look forward to chatting with other drum builders and drummers alike.
Percussion Parlor / Re: Cobalt River Junior Congas
« Last post by Neil Johnson on April 04, 2020, 05:21 PM »
All great ideas. Just anxious to get in touch with those manufacturers.  With a little soaking, I am thinking the LPs would stretch into place, because from what I can tell, their rims would catch and pull in the right way. Thanks. I am newb, so I definitely will check out other posts. enj
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