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Let's See or Hear You Play!

Started by Bart Elliott, January 01, 2008, 10:00 AM

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Nathan Cartier

Oy, It's been a long dry spell.  Too much moving, too many old friendships that needed re-kindling. 

Finished a track that will be the soundtrack to a friend's iOS game.  I played drums, he played guitar and programmed an old Gameboy for the synth.  I did all the recording and mixing and mastering, clumsily, but I must say I'm reasonably pleased with the results. 


What do ya think?  How'd I do with the mixing and mastering?  I've got such huge respect for musicians that can double as engineers in a pinch. 

Chip Donaho

Nathan Cartier

Thanks Chip!  The game just went off to Apple for app store approval, fingers crossed that it passes their tests without a hitch. 

Nathan Cartier

And it's approved!  If you wanna check it out, it's on the app store for 99 cents.
It's a puzzle game involving picking up stars with a boomerang.

Aron Bergström

Hi everybody, I'm new in this forum and I joined with intentions to learn more and to get some validation.
I often hear that people say I'm a very skilled drummer, but I don't really take it seriously because I know there are so many great drummers out there and I can't imagine myself compared to them. I would love to hear what you think of my performance and hopefully get some feedback on what I could practice more on :)

Here is a pretty good video from a live stream at DreamHack Winter 2012 in Sweden with me and my band.
The overall performance of the band isn't the best and the mixing is pretty bad (gets better later in to the video).

Thanks for any feedback that I can get! (It's my drum set if you would like to give feedback on that to)


// AronB

Loren Honstein

Hello. This is the pre-production demo of one of our tunes from the upcoming record. It was recorded on a Tama b/b. The bass drum has a little funny business going on, but we will step into the studio and get rid of all the imperfections. The band is smackFactor, the demo is here.  http://m.reverbnation.com/smackfactor]http://m.reverbnation.com/smackfactor
Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Loren Honstein

Sorry, the smackfactor reverbnation site is here
Oops. Thanks.

Scott MacFeat

Hello!  I did this drum cover the other day for some friends who were asking for it.  I tried to play Neil's parts as closely as possible, but there are a few little nuances in there. 


Matt Damron


Talented 13 year old covers Burn It Down by Mindset Evolution

Nathan Cartier

Woah.  That's really great, Brendan. 

Bob Glassman

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum.  My name is Bob Glassman and I am from Littleton, CO.  I am attaching a link of a recording from our Jazz Band "Swedge" that we recorded on our first album.  It is a long clip excerpt on sound cloud.  Hope you like it:



Hey all, my name is EJ Luna and i am a drummer from Atlantic City NJ. I primarily do youtube drum videos by putting drums on movie, games, and soundtrack theme songs that have little to no drums on it. All professional recordings. I have been playing drums for 13+ years. Take a moment to review my work. Thanks in advance!


Frankie Azzariti

Hi guys!
Check this live performance I made with the artist KODY (George Marios) at THE CRYPT, playing the song "Anymore".
Tell me what you guys think; any feedback is welcome.
I had great fun recording this! And they place was amazing and huge!

The cymbals I'm using are:
HH - 14" "A" Custom Rezo ZILDJIAN
Crash - 18" K Series ZILDJIAN
Crash - 18" B8 SABIAN
Ride - 20" K Series ZILDJIAN

Have a good one guys!!!!


Jisipu Lung


I play very calm and modern style of flamenco, mixed with elements of gypsy and celtic music.
Feedback is welcomed.
I wish you a good day and time to enjoy.


Fernando Gomez

Hey guys! last year I posted a drum video of a track I wrote called "Subconscious" that would become the first song on my debut album "Catharsis" Here I am a year later with the finished product! The album consists of 7 songs two instrumentals and 5 vocal tunes ranging in various styles from jazz, rock, pop, indie, 80's-ish etc haha.... Its all original music I wrote, produced, and mixed myself. I am playing ALMOST all of the instruments (I needed help with the violin & the guitar solos cause I'm not that good at guitar) and I'm even singing...(yea...) BUT anyways here is the link to the last song on the album its an instrumental called "Home" and it features my drumming in a 6/8 groove  8)


if any of you are interested in hearing the rest of the album its up on soundcloud


Thanks guys I really appreciate it!

Frankie Azzariti

This is an old one... Well maybe a month old XD

Anyway, I was practising the "Groove Essentials" method one day, and Tommy Igoe put some great backing tracks in there. Very groovy and tasteful. So what da hell was I thinking on not playing with them before???

Here's Groove#67, from Tommy Igoe's "Groove Essentials 2.0". Highly recommended ;)

Enjoy!!! And please, comment and give me feedback.

Previously, a lot of you made me notice the sound and the kick volume in the recordings. I think it's getting better. Let me know ;)


Lindsay Artkop

Hi everyone! I haven't posted here in a while. Just wanted to share this video of me singing and playing drums, guitar and bass to "Come Together" by The Beatles. Hope you enjoy! :)