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Show us your drum/perc set-up

Started by Bart Elliott, January 01, 2008, 11:00 AM

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Bart Elliott

Do you have an interesting set-up? New gear or equipment? So happy that you've just got to share it with the world? Show it here!

PLEASE ONLY POST ONE or TWO PHOTOS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE. If you have more than two photos, please just post the links to your photos.

Keep it interesting. We don't need (want) to see every single angle of your drumkit. Just pick a few nice photos to share, then tell us about it.

Posts which contain more than two photos or lame photos will be reduced accordingly.

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Drum Slave Jack

Ok, I'll take the plunge.
I don't believe I've posted a picture of my new (ish) kit.

Sizes are 10", 12", 14"ft and 18" bass. I adore the bass, I won't say it's like a cannon but, imagine taking a rocket propelled grenade to the chest...that's how I imagine it.

Sporting the Acrolite as well. 40 years old now!
And a selection of UFIP's. Loving it!



So here's my kit. This is the way it's usually set-up. I have additional cymbals for whenever they're called for.
22x14 Westbury kick
12x10 Westbury rack tom
16x16 Westbury Floor Tom
14x5.5 Yamaha Stage Custom Snare
Cymbals are all Sabians.. Shown here: 14" HHX Legacy Hats, 18" Xs20 Rock Crash, 20" HH Duo Ride

Bob Dias

I recently had my big rotos powdercoated a medium blue...here is the latest incarnation with the ludwig bass, slingerland field snare, and the compliment of mehmet and agop cymbals at a recent gig. Enjoy, Bob


man youd think this post would be flying. its kinda going slow. im going to post a new pic of my kit with all my new additions soon


Sorry for taking so long...a person gets busy when they have a new baby.

I know my signature says I use Iron Cobra pedals, and I do.  However, I gave mine to a friend as payment for helping me with a very big project.  I'm presently between good pedals.  Anywho....Here goes:

Oh, BTW, are those huge Roto Toms derek??  I've never seen them so big!



Here is my Starclassic in Dark Cherry Fade
20x18, 10x8, 14x14
Gretsch Renown Snare


Very nice looking Tama's, Alec.  A Bell Brass would look real good behind there, you know!


My kits:

Mapex 5 pc in Honey Amber, Zildjian ZXTs, 67 Keystone Acrolite, Simmons pads/brain & asst perc.

Pork Pie 4 pc in blue sparkle wrap, white powdercoat & Paiste 2000s


hey guys,

back to the drummin...  just cant stay away... hehe

- fibes (8x8, 8x10, 9x12, 12x14, 16x20) in white marine pearl
- dunnett ti (6.5x13)
- head drums (5.5x13) birdseye maple snares
- head drums (5.5x10) popcorn
- 13" isti agop top, 13" bos turk bottom
- 17", 18" sabian jdj sig crash
- 21" bosphorus turk or 18" zildjian remix rides
- tama ic leverglide, powerglide (which is at another studio)
- trusty vf sd-4's

- Click for  http://home.earthlink.net/~jokerny1/music/drums/fibeswhole.jpg]Whole Kit Pic

- space muffins e-kit (5x10, 7x12, 10x14, 10x16)
- roland 12" trigger pad as "snare"
- roland td-20 brain

good to be back, fellas...

Dave Sharma

fun little 'lolcat' version of my percussion setup.  To my left are a 10" pandiero (used as a snare) and a 16" floor tom w/ a surdo head on it.  everything's mounted on a gibraltar rack, and the tablas are mic'ed from the inside.  i often use a naal (like a tabla) made out of PVC pipe next to the high tabla... i think i couldn't find it before this gig, maybe?


not the most recent pictures, but the only thing that has changed is the tom setup. Currently its 8-10-14-16 instead of 10-12-etc. Not in the picture is a 10" side snare.

Kit is a Sonor 3003 series, still very happy with it. Altough I could use some new heads!

- Tama IC flexiglide twin pedal and an IC hihat stand.
- Zildjian: 14" A New Beats, 16" + 18" A Customs, 8" + 10" + 12" K splashes, 20" A Ping ride, 18" Oriental China Trash, Paiste 302 14" hihats as a secondary pair.


Here is one of mine, not the best of angles but its the best I can do with it being in my bedroom:

Pearl Forum in Red Wine
Zildjian Cymbals - 14 inch ZHT Rock Hi Hats, 16 inch ZHT Rock Crash, 20 inch ZHT Rock Ride and 10 inch ZHT Splash.
Remo Pinstripe tom heads and Remo Ambassador Snare head.

hope you like

Anthony Manning-Franklin

This is my new setup I'm experimenting with, I'm not sure what sort of a reaction I'll get when I bring it in to rehearsal on Saturday...


I had to make the footprint on my kit as small as I could so it would fit in a small spot in the living room. I hope the wife will understand. She should be happy, it's out of our bedroom.


Hugo Gouveia

Well, I finally have some decent quality pics, so for what it's worth:

My Sonor Force 2007, blue fade.

Drum sizes: 14x5.5, 10x8, 12x9, 16x16 and 22x17.5.

  Zildjian ZBT: 16" Crash, 14" Hi Hats, 20" Ride (RETIRED! ;D) and 18" China

  Sabian Pro: 10" Splash and 16" Crash

  Sabian AA Metal-X 18" Crash

Paiste Rude Crash/Ride 19" (not shown)

Yamaha DFP9310 pedals, Rhythm Tech tambourine.

All heads stock (for now) except snare top, where I alternate between a Hydraulic and the Mr. A recommended Hi-Energy.

I am constantly changing the way things are set up. For instance the 16" crash to the right was made parallel to the floor right after the shoot. Right now I'm going with the inverted toms (as I discussed in a thread) and I'm attempting to have the hi hat at 11 o' clock as in Bart's video.
I have way more stuff than I should at my level but I have fun with everything.

EDIT: Switched the ZBT Ride for a Paiste Rude Crash/Ride with a great sound! (for me)

Chip Donaho


This is my newest addition to the family.