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Show us your drum/perc set-up

Started by Bart Elliott, January 01, 2008, 11:00 AM

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My new Yamaha DTXTREME lll kit.


Jeez look at that.   The wires are nice and clean and out of the way- good job.

Anthony Manning-Franklin

I'd love to hear that. Post a recording sometime please?


Quote from: Antman on April 04, 2008, 12:07 PM
I'd love to hear that. Post a recording sometime please?

The only thing holding me up is Dell. As soon as my laptop arrives I'll be recording a bunch of new songs and  putting them up on my my space page. Right now I just have a few songs that were recorded using my DTXTREME ll kit.  The difference between the DTX ll & lll is night and day.I'll post a link when I get them up.


I am absolutely in love with this snare.  I just picked it up for a great price.  It's a custom made 14 x 7 snare drum using a Global Drum Co. segmented shell of Tiger Maple and Purple Heart Wood.  Brass Hoops and Lugs. This snare definitely looks as good as it sounds.  I am a proud Pa Pa


ok boys & girl, we set up the big bubba's a few days ago and I have been enjoying them just sooooooooooo much.  Yes they are in my mom's laundry room (no where else to put them) heeeeeeeeeeee it's 1983 all over with 2008 chops. YO! feed the big kitty.

Bob Dias

WOW...I think I just spontaneously grew a mullett. I don't know whether to revel in glory of days-of-yore, or be very very afraid!
Cheers, Bob


Ok here is my current jazz set-up!
DW Laquer Specialty Natural Fade to Black Collector Series Maple
12"tom,6.5X14 snare,14" tom 22'bd
14" K Light Hi hats,9" Zildjian K Hybrid splash,20" Zildjian Armand Ride,18" HHX Sabian Evolution Crash!!


HI snaresoff.  Ya just click on the "insert image" above the winking smiley and put the url in the center of it, see:


You da man!! ;D ...Thanks a bunch Felix!!! ;D


Quote from: snaresoff on April 25, 2008, 07:54 AM
You da man!! ;D ...Thanks a bunch Felix!!! ;D

I had a DW kit for 10 years.  It was pretty awesome I have to admit.

Jim R.

Beautiful kit!! I want to put some sticks marks on your pretty cymbals.

Andy Gone

The drums are not mine except for the snare which is Tama PSS255.

14" SABIAN HHX Stage Hats
17" SABIAN HHXplosion Crash (brilliant)
19" SABIAN HHXplosion Crash (brilliant)
20" SABIAN HHX Evolution Ride
20" MEINL SoundCaster China
17" PAISTE RUDE Crash Ride
18" SABIAN AAX O-Zone Crash
14" ZILDJIAN Oriental China Trash
12" SABIAN HHX Legacy Splash
10" SABIAN AA China Splash
11" ZILDJIAN Oriental Splash (now sold out and replaced with ZILDJIAN A Custom splash 6")


As soon as my VIP membership takes effect I will post some pics.  Hopefully all I had to do was purchase the T.....


Not bad, Ken.  Looks pretty nice.  It's just begging for a second kick though!

Patrick Quigley

Just bought a DW 2000 Collectors Series with Black satin stain finish. Slapped new Remo Black Suede heads on them last night! Pics up soon. It looks soooo sweet.


Hi Boyz and Girlz.  Here are the '82 sonor phonics I finished putting together last night.  I need some new top and bottom heads on the toms, but they have a lot of potential.  Super thick and warm tone with solid punch thru the cut.  Note Designer ferro snare.

Do you guys approve?  Debating on whether or not to really polish the chrome or leave it vintage looking.  Wrap is in good shape!  Prolly should fix the badge too.  I need a guy with a grommet tool.

Anthony Manning-Franklin

Nah don't polish the chrome. It seems to diffuse the light a bit and give it a thicker texture, it'll look better under stage lights.


That's a nice looking kit, Felix.  The kit looks fine from a distance (and not bad up close either), I'd just worry about that badge.


Thanks for chiming in guys.  I am going to finish polishing the chrome when I get some new heads for it as my sources say that it slows down the oxidation process when you keep it polished and protected.

And YO!  George Lawrence at George's drumshop in Akron Ohio can fix my badge for me!