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How to conduct a market survey?

Started by Michael Beechey, March 06, 2013, 02:28 PM

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Michael Beechey

I need some help!

I am in an entrepreneurial startup program (for my drum instruction studio) that requires surveying of target market for the small city I am in. Having taught before I know that the demographic is parents/grandparents with disposable income and interest in having their children in productive activities, The problem is how to prove it is viable. Personally I don't even do other people's surveys.People today are suspicious of surveys as obvious marketing feet in the door. Since music students are already a small segment of total possible child class activities, the likelihood of using surveys to prove potential students would be painful, given that there are probably 30 times as many guitar heros out there than those who want to be drummers.

It seems I would have to do thousands of surveys to weed through the soccer moms to the music moms, past the guitar moms to the drum moms to prove my 20 student supposition, which is about what I need in the first year.

(Did I mention... I don't like surveys.!!!!...)

thanks in advance!

Hoakin Robin

If you want to see the demand in your small city,I can advice you to post everywhere an offer that you conducting musical group or doing personal lessons and then you can see if people in you city needs these. Also try technique "word of mouth". I did the same when I wanted to open my paint studio near my property in Costa Blanca. It worked good and without any money