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Help Me With Drumsticks Slipping

Started by Cynthia Myra, August 02, 2016, 01:25 AM

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Cynthia Myra

Hi friends. I've stuck in a problem. It would be nice if anyone can help me out in it.

Whenever I play drums with the sticks, they just slip off from my hand. My hands aren't even wet but they slip sometimes. Can anyone tell me how can I keep them attached to my hands?


You just need to adjust your grip. Think of it like holding an animal. You want to grip enough that whatever it is can't get away but at the same time not enough to kill it. Its the same approach across all walks of percussion but I would say that you can be slightly more relaxed when your playing set. The idea is to be able to drive velocity into the drum and still let the stick resonate.

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Bart Elliott

The lacquer used on drumsticks can make them slippery; you don't have to have sweaty hands to have them slip out of your hands.

There are a number of products on the market that may help you. You could try using stick grip tape or stick wax, both of which will help reduce the slick surface issue of the drumstick. Some people even rub a little sandpaper on the drumstick to rough up the grip area and remove some of the lacquer.

Bryan K. Moore

Hockey Tape. In any colour you can find!

Jon E

I have dry hands so sticks slip on me because of that.

I have used Gorilla Snot for a long time.  You will freak out (at first) when you feel how sticky it is.  But I like it.
I have also started wrapping some sticks with tennis racket handle tape.  It is a bit rubbery and I like the way it feels.