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Beginner drummer - E-kit thoughts.

Started by loonymoon, June 28, 2017, 06:17 AM

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Hi I'm a new beginner (40 YO Female), I've had 4, hour long, private lessons so far and I think I'm doing OK so I am starting to feel the need for some kind of practice kit to play on at home. I've already been offered two acoustic kits, one which sounds a great price for a 7 piece mapex kit, but I just don't see how I can have that at home, not just for the sound but the space also. I know electronic kits aren't much smaller, but at least they can be a bit more compact. Also a big factor for me is that I'm quite shy and not sure I want the neighbourhood to hear me doing by basic beginner stuff! I'd rather start off with headphones. Also the e-kits offer some training functions which may help me get started.

So I'm looking at E-kits for around £400 as a good start. I am currently looking at the Yamaha DTX range, particularly the 450 (which is on the upper edge of my budget) with the real bass drum pedal and three zone snare pad. But I've also seen the Roland TF-1K for a bit less money which offers choke feature on the cymbals which the Yamaha doesn't appear to.

I'm a bit confused about what my priority should be at this price point as a practice/ learning  kit. I'm thinking the bass pedal feel will be important to me as I play on an acoustic kit  in my lessons and this is one area I'm still getting used to the feel of.  How important are the zones on the pads / choke on the cymbal for a beginner?

I assume that E-kits can be upgraded somewhat?


Wow ok, I ended up getting the Yamaha DTX 450 kit. Love it so far. This k I may actually be addicted to playing!!

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Bart Elliott

Lissa Hamilton

The Yamaha DTX 450K is also what I got and I am super happy with it.