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Beginner drum head options

Started by Jeff Ver, December 02, 2019, 10:44 PM

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Jeff Ver

Hello, I can not call myself a drummer yet, so I need your help a little bit. I ripped my snare accidentally, and have no idea what drum heads to choose. Evans, Aquarian or what? Does it even matter on my level? All reviews look the same https://primesound.org/best-drum-heads/ Here are Evans EMAD on the top of the list but that's for bass. I am confused a little bit. Is Evans G1 pack fine?

Bart Elliott

You can use whichever brand you choose or want ... they are very similar. I've been using (and endorsing) Aquarian drumheads since 1989.

The general snare drum head combination to start with would be a single-ply, medium weight, coated batter head (that's the top), and a clear, medium/thin weight snare head (that's the bottom). This is the basic drumhead combination used on snare drums ... and a combination that probably 95% of working professional drummers use.