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  Jaki Liebezeit

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Wednesday, May 26, 2021 (This event repeats every year)

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Jaki Liebezeitphoto by Karel Suster

Jaki Liebezeit, born May 26, 1938 in Dresden, Germany, is a European drummer, best known as a founding member of Can and for his signature Motorik drum groove.

Liebezeit became a member of Phantomband, and later recorded with numerous musicians, such as Jah Wobble and Philip Jeck, with whom he produced an album for Jah Wobble's 30 Hertz Records, and has contributed drums and percussion to many albums as a guest throughout the years, such as the Depeche Mode album Ultra and Brian Eno's album Before and After Science. Recently, he has worked with Burnt Friedman on the Secret Rhythms  albums and with Schiller on the Atemlos album.

Throughout his music career, focusing mainly within the Krautrock, electronic and European free jazz music genres, Liebezeit performed and/or recorded with the likes of Manfred Schoof, Can, Brian Eno, Phantomband, Jah Wobble, Phew, Philip Jeck, Depeche Mode, Michael Rother, and Bernd Friedmann. He has also put together a number of drum ensembles, such as Drums Off Chaos and Club Off Chaos.

Jaki Liebezeit died of pneumonia on January 22, 2017; he was 78.

Jaki Liebezeit