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  Ray Luzier

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Monday, June 14, 2021 (This event repeats every year)

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Ray Luzier

Ray Luzier, born Raymond Lee Luzier on June 14, 1970 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an American drummer, best known for his drumming with David Lee Roth (1997-2005) and nu metal band, Korn (2007-present). Luzier has also performed with the likes of The Hideous Sun Demons, Steel Panther, Stone Temple Pilots, and Army of Anyone.

Raised in a small town just outside of Pittsburgh, Ray started playing the drums at the age of 5. As a self-taught drummer he participated in his school's jazz, concert and marching bands. Upon his high school graduation in 1988, Ray moved out to Hollywood, California where he attended the Musicians Institute — receiving a certificate from MI's Percussion Institute of Technology a year later. He later returned to the school as an instructor for several years (1992-2001).

In 2004, Luzier released an instructional product, Ray Luzier's Double Bass Drum Techniques: Private Lessons with Video Access Included, where he demonstrates his double-bass technique, drum fills, motion exercises, and warm-ups.