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  Tony McCarroll

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Friday, June 04, 2021 (This event repeats every year)

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Tony McCarroll

Tony McCarroll, born Anthony McCarroll on June 4, 1971 in Levenshulme, Manchester, England, is a British drummer, best known as one of the founder members of the English rock band, Oasis. Tony played drums for Oasis from 1991 to April 1995.

McCarroll joined Oasis when they were still a band called The Rain. What started as five young men with a common dream of becoming rock stars eventually disintegrated into fighting, ego clashes, and financial disputes. In 1995, following the release of Definitely Maybe, things came to a head and Tony left the band.

In his book, Oasis: The Truth: My Life as Oasis's Drummer, which was originally released in November 2010, Tony reveals the truth about the early years before the band was formed. He discusses the drug consumption, the sexual activities, his much-publicized rift with Noel Gallagher, and how he was duped into signing a less-than-favorable record contract. His recollections include stories involving David Beckham, Prince, Eric Cantona, and John McEnroe.


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