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DARE TO DRUM is a documentary film which tells the story of the inspired musical journey embarked upon by Stewart Copeland, Dallas-based world music ensemble D’Drum, Maestro Jaap Van Zweden and The Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Stewart Copeland – drummer of the hugely influential band The Police -- was just completing the band’s long-awaited 2008 reunion world tour when he received an invitation to compose a major work for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

The resulting composition is named for the musical ensembles of Bali and Java, Gamelan D’Drum, and the 37-minute Concerto for World Percussion and Orchestra in Three Movements, is the result of a nearly 3-year collaboration between Copeland, D’Drum and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. This ambitious work plays the central part of the story as the eye of the storm, both literally and figuratively.

This film focuses on the creation of the work, along with telling the story of the 20-year transcultural mission of D’Drum to digest the music of Indonesia, Africa, Persia, and beyond that preceded the inception of this musical project and subsequent film. -- while Stewart Copeland’s role as composer fused these sounds and concepts with notes for the orchestra, ultimately bringing together disparate worlds of pitch, harmony and polyrhythm. The result reconciles exotic instruments and tunings with staging and choreography - music that must be SEEN to be HEARD.

Throughout the creation and production of this daring piece, an intimidating question loomed like a dark cloud. Will the work meet the high bar of excellence set by Jaap Van Zweden, the Maestro of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, recognized as Conductor of the Year in 2012?

And the suddenly our daring adventure became an even more daunting proposition when Mother Nature reared her head unleashing a crippling ice storm that brought Dallas to its knees and threatened to crush the project before it even began This is the story of how five drummers, a rock star, and a major symphony orchestra found their day in the sun.

This film will be told from the perspective of the creative forces involved - Stewart Copeland as Composer and the members of D'Drum as performing Artists. We have 3 years of HD footage, starting with the first brainstorming meetings between Copeland and D'Drum, through multiple rehearsals and recording sessions, culminating with revealing the work to Maestro Jaap Van Zweden and The Dallas Symphony.

Additional footage includes trips to Bali to have custom made instruments crafted specifically for this work, along with the one and only performance that made it through the unprecedented ice storm that shut down Dallas the week of the world premiere of Gamelan D'Drum.

Now we have to put it all together to make a compelling and unique film.

Here is why we need the $95,000.

Multiple Post Production costs including:

  • Camera Crew for existing work and additional interviews to be shot with Stewart Copeland, Maestro Jaap Van Zweden,members of D'Drum, and others.
  • Editing
  • Graphics
  • Audio mixing
  • Color correction and finishing costs
  • DVD authoring, duplication
  • Licensing of performance by The Dallas Symphony Orchestra
  • Legal and Accounting
  • Travel for interviews

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This project has the support of professionals from the film, music, and media communities in Dallas and all over the U.S. The most important work has been documented, so with your help as a contributor, finishing out the body of this film will happen because it means so much to the musicians and fans who celebrate orchestras, percussion, and world music, along with Stewart Copeland and The Police.

John Bryant has served as Executive Producer of his production company, Bryant-Hames Productions, for over 25 years, guiding post production teams through dozens of documentary and feature films for Showtime, PBS, National Geographic, and countless cable TV shows. We will get most of the givebacks to donors soon after the campaign is over. Our target completion date for the film is Fall, 2014, so givebacks involving a copy of the film will take a bit longer. But we made it through the ice storm....and we'll make it through this!