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Afro-Cuban Drumming for the Drumset

A breakthrough for drummers of all styles and levels, Phil Maturano’s Afro-Cuban Drumming for the Drumset is the first instructional drum method to fully explain the theory and expertly demonstrate the techniques for adapting authentic Latin rhythms to the modern drumset.

The recently remastered DVD (produced in conjunction with Meinl and Calato/Regal Tip and distributed by Hudson Limited) begins with a discussion of the evolution and adaptation of Afro-Cuban percussion instruments to the drumset. Maturano shows how fundamental Mambo and Cha-Cha styles are played by the traditional Afro-Cuban rhythm section. Then, assisted by several percussionists, the drummer and former Musicians Institute (PIT) faculty member isolates each element of the ensemble; allowing viewers to see and hear the patterns played on the original instruments, including the claves, cascara, timbales, cowbell, congas, bongos and guiro.

Finally, Phil Maturano carefully illustrates the proper way to adapt each instrument’s sound and rhythm to the drumset while showing how one player’s hands, feet, drums and cymbals are used to recreate the layered groove that was originally played by multiple players.

Along with the benefits of close-up camera angles, split-screen views, studio-quality audio, detailed explanations and over 100 printable exercises, the DVD also includes examples of how these essential drumset patterns are played with and without other percussionists, in a rhythm section and with a band. A challenging, final section on the left foot clave technique is included, as well.

For drummers who may be new to Afro-Cuban rhythms, or those looking to get a better handle on them, Afro-Cuban Drumming for the Drumset takes the mystery out of Latin drumming once and for all. And, by making it easier for players to understand and perform Latin styles, the DVD also gives them the confidence and ability to explore a wider variety of contemporary and ethnic drumming styles.


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