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AHEAD Drumsticks’ new Fatbeat 5A, Metal Fusion 2B and Monsta ROCK models combine the comfort, consistency and durability advantages of AHEAD’s advanced stick materials and designs with the increased size and weight preferred by modern rock, metal, extreme, Latin and R&B drummers. Slightly longer and than the standard 5A, 2B and ROCK AHEAD models, the new sticks facilitate more power, speed and control by moving the balance point towards the tip of the stick. The extra mass and torque, along with a taper that complements each playing style, creates a bigger, fatter, louder sound. However, because the aluminum cores and polyurethane sleeves are designed to absorb 50% more shock than wood, the sticks have a natural feel that protects hands, wrists, cymbals and drums from damage even in high volume, high intensity playing situations.

Ahead Drumsticks

Specifications for the three new AHEAD models (and the original versions they are based on) are:

• FatBeat 5A — 16.25" length, 540" diameter w/medium taper, 56 grams (black handles/white sleeves). Standard 5A - 16.00" length, 540" diameter w/medium taper, 53 grams

• Metal Fusion 2B — 16.625" length, .595" diameter w/long taper, 66 grams (blue handles/black sleeves). Standard 2B - 16.00" length, .595" diameter w/long taper, 64 grams

• Monsta ROCK — 16.50" length, 595" diameter w/short taper, 67 Grams, (red handles/silver sleeves). Standard ROCK -16.25" length, 595" diameter w/short taper, 66 grams

AHEAD advanced drumsticks are available at leading drum shops and are distributed exclusively by Big Bang Distribution. For more information, please visit your local or online dealer or contact Big Bang at AheadDrumsticks.com.

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