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Alfred Publishing Alfred is pleased to announce the book & CD On the Beaten Path: The Drummer’s Guide to Musical Styles and the Legends Who Defined Them

by Rich Lackowski won the Drummie! for the “Best Drumming Book.”  This ultimate guide for drummers provides insight into the history and development of a wide selection of genres, including Funk, Alternative/Punk Rock, Metal, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Jam Band, Fusion, Jazz, and Reggae, and explores the legendary drummers that impacted each style. Transcriptions and easy-to-follow lessons to 85 of the most legendary beats and solos ever recorded are also included, as well as dozens of amazing photos, and an audio CD containing all the beats and solos presented in the book.

The Ultimate Realistic Rock DVD by Carmine Appice and the Billy Cobham Live at 60 DVD by Billy Cobham ranked high in the category of “Best DVD.”  Ultimate Realistic Rock features a 2-DVD set with step-by-step instruction through each section of Carmine’s award-winning Ultimate Realistic Rock book.  Teaching basic rock rhythms, sixteenth-note triplets, syncopation, hi-hat rhythms, shuffle rhythms, double-bass drum grooves, odd-time grooves, and linear rudiments, the DVD includes guest appearances by Kenny Aronoff, John Tempesta, Vinny Appice, Bobby Rondinelli, and Rick Gratton.  Billy Cobham Live at 60 is a unique glimpse of Billy’s 60th birthday performance in Paris, France.  Billy and his band take viewers on a music journey with songs such as “Red Baron,” “Desiccated Coconuts,” “Cuba on the Horizon,” and many others.  This exclusive look at Billy up close and personal sheds light on his music, his humor and his culture, a truly remarkable experience for viewers.

A variety of Alfred artists received recognition for their outstanding talent, ranking high in a number of categories:  Neil Peart for “Best Progressive Drummer” and “Best Mainstream Pop Drummer”; Peter Erskine for “Best Jazz Drummer”; Steve Gadd for “Best Studio Drummer”; Giovanni Hidalgo for “Percussionist of the Year,” “Best Latin Percussionist,” and “Best Percussion Clinician”; Alex Acuña for “Best Percussion Clinician”; Blue Man Group for “Best Percussion Ensemble;” and Chad Smith for “Best Mainstream Pop Drummer.”  Alfred offers publications from all of these artists in the form of books, CDs, and DVDs.

For more information about Alfred’s complete percussion catalog, visit alfred.com/drums.

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