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Ben Gillies - Bento

Australian drummer Ben Gillies has been staying busy with his new solo project, Bento, while his band Silverchair, which he co-founded remains on an indefinite hiatus.

On October 26th (just two days after Ben Gillies 33rd birthday), Bento will release their twelve track album, Diamond Days, which features an assortment of Gillies' muso mates, including Papa Vs Pretty's frontman / guitarist, Thomas Rawle. Diamond Days, produced by Ben Gillies and Eric J Dubowsky (Faker, Art Vs. Science), is said to have "bristling and glistening rock & roll songs, with Ben up front, singing his heart out, singing his own songs, and opening up like you've never heard him before."

"Being part of something as awesome and mammoth as Silverchair required so much of myself and at times there was very little energy left for other things," says Gillies. "Now I feel as if I'm freed up and can satisfy my own creative output and get about doing what makes sense for me at this point. It's been a while in the making and I'm excited to finally share it."

Prepare yourself – Bento sounds nothing like Silverchair. And if you happened to have heard Ben’s short-lived Tambalane project from a few years back, well, Bento sounds absolutely nothing like that either.

You can download Diamond Days today ... through the Drummer Cafe.

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