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BigBand Drumming At First SightAlfred Music Publishing, home to the world’s largest percussion print music catalog, announces the release of Big Band Drumming at First Sight, a comprehensive approach to improving sight-reading skills in a big band setting, written by the highly esteemed drummer, author, educator, and columnist, Steve Fidyk.

From Latin and swing, to waltz time and funk, the Big Band Drumming at First Sight book and CD set helps drummers develop their sight-reading skills through 10 big band arrangements in a reading, listening, and play-along experience. A thorough introduction to sight-reading essentials is followed by an in-depth analysis of each big band arrangement, including helpful tips and commentary. Geared for any drummer with basic knowledge of drum notation, the instructional resource guide is presented in a fun and friendly-paced method that provides ample space for creativity. Upon completion, drummers are taught best-practice drum part interpretation to effectively apply and perform in virtually any type of big band chart, the first time.

The companion CD contains all of the big band arrangement recordings in full-band version for demo purposes and full-band minus drums for play-along. Also included are all of the isolated beat and ensemble figure transcriptions found in the book in three loop configurations: reference, practice loop at a slower tempo, and performance loop at tempo. As a bonus, a complete set of marked and unmarked printable drum parts with scores are included.

Big Band Drumming at First Sight
is now available in book and CD set for $19.99 at music retail stores and online today through the Drummer Cafe.

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