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Billy Cobham: Extended WorksIn this DVD, Billy Cobham performs his own compositions with the world famous Espoo Big Band from Finland. As a composer with strong roots in the jazz and Latin music, Cobham processes 40 years of musical experience and creativity with pulsating orchestra arrangements.

"It's a sound reflection of an extraordinary person and musician, who lives and writes a big chapter of music history. Make music of my life for your life. Things I express and pass on are the mirror of my personality and my experiences. That is all I can express... What makes a band very special are not the particulars, but this music, which develops at the community level... If each individual plays well enough , in order to sound good as a band, nobody in the audience will remember who the individual persons are" — Billy Cobham

For Billy Cobham the big band is probably the most difficult platform to unite individual ambitions with the requirements of the band as a whole. The band has a very important role in this concert. Billy Cobham mentions that four elements are necessary to create a very good band : musicality and the choice of musicians; companionship and mutual respect between the musicians on-stage and backstage; collective creativity and fantasy; and finally time, which allows a band to grow like a fine wine.

The concert at the Espoo Jazz Festival unites these elements with adorable compositions like "Red Baron", "Conondrum" and "Stratus" to unique portrait of music.

DVD 90 minutes limited edition "Billy Cobham & Espoo Big Band" now is available at www.sonicmirror.com.

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