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Bopworks Drumsticks

In 2005, Bopworks Drumsticks, a small company in Austin, Texas introduced a hickory drumstick locally named the Birdland Model. The regional response was favorable enough for them to add a few more models and begin selling to drum shops and customers online.

Bopworks offers two categories of drumsticks; Signature and Standard models. The three Signature models include: Mel Lewis, Shelly Manne, and Art Blakey. The four Standard models, Swing Classic, Birdland, Storyville, and West Coast, are recreations of the 1950’s/60’s Jazz drumsticks. Dozens of vintage sticks and cymbals helped settle on models that have a unique “old school” feel and sound. Bopworks sticks are hickory, pitch-paired and matched for weight.

Bopworks owner, Chris Bennett sums it up: "The premise is rather simple. There's a plethora of major and boutique cymbal lines out there. If you are wanting a sound that helps evoke your idea of "the cymbal sound" why not play sticks that have the response and feel of the original era? If you are playing hand hammered cymbals, it's nice to have a stick that matches the original intent."

As it turns out, a number of Country, Rock, and R&B players are enjoying the sticks as well. "We receive "thank you" emails from drummers of all ages every week," says Bennett. "It tells us we're on the right track — a lot of drum shops use our sticks to demo hand hammered cymbals. We're seriously flattered…"

The Bopworks Drumsticks signature models list for $17.99, standard models $14.99, and are available online as well as at select drum shops throught North America.


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