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Bruce Hornsby: Bride of the NoisemakersLegendary Grammy winning singer-songwriter Bruce Hornsby has signed with 429 Records and is readying the release of "BRIDE OF THE NOISEMAKERS" — A 2CD collection of 25 handpicked songs chosen from throughout his multifaceted 20 year career.  "BRIDE OF THE NOISEMAKERS" was recorded live on tour in various venues between 2007 and 2009.   The live settings effectively capture the spirit of spontaneous creativity that Bruce and the band are renowned for.  For Hornsby the magic of a live performance is paramount in his search for the perfect musical moment---particularly in conjunction with The Noisemakers where he seamlessly combines elements of rock, jazz, R&B and modern classical to create a distinctive style.  The epitome of a musical family, The Noisemakers consists of bassist J.V. Collier (who has played with Hornsby 17 years), keyboardist/organist John "JT" Thomas (21 years), reed player Bobby Read (18 years), guitarist/mandolin player Doug Derryberry (13 years) and drummer Sonny Emory (nine years).  "BRUCE HORNSBY AND THE NOISEMAKERS: BRIDE OF THE NOISEMAKERS" will be available at Amazon.com on May 2nd as a $3.99 "Daily Deal".  Digital versions of the album at Amazon.com include exclusive bonus tracks.  In addition, Amazon will offer a free download of the exclusive track "Mandolin Rain." Amazon will continue to sell digital and physical CD copies exclusively for the next four weeks.  "BRIDE OF THE NOISEMAKERS" will be available everywhere on June 7.  "Shadow Hand" will be the first single promoted to radio.  Hornsby will be on tour in the U.S. throughout the spring and summer including a performance at Bonnaroo on June 12.

"In the spirit of musical evolution, I'm always trying to keep my band on their toes," Hornsby says.  "I can be a slow learner, and sometimes it takes me a while to arrive at the most soulful way to play and sing one of my songs, or anyone's song for that matter.  Our approach to playing allows songs to grow, evolve and change through the years,  and this second live album documents where that improvisatory mindset has led us up to this point."

Track Listing:


1) Cyclone

1) TheWindup/Big Rock Candy Mountain / Candy Mountain Run

2) Country Doctor

2) Line in the Dust

3) Funhouse

3) Shadow Hand

4) This Too Shall Pass

4) Tango King

5) Circus on the Moon

5) Resting Place

6) Defenders of the Flag

6) Michael Raphael

7) Intro-Bobby Read/Variation II (excerpt)

7) Intro Sonata, Movement IV (excerpt)

8) Talk of the Town/ Charlie, Woody n' You

8) Gonna Be Some Changes Made

9) What the Hell Happened

9) Dreamland

10) Fortunate Son/Comfortably Numb

10) The Good Life

11) Levitate

11) Cartoons & Candy

12) Little Sadie/White Wheeled Limousine

12) Swan Song

13)  Just One More

13) Standing on the Moon/Halcyon Days