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Every drum deserves to sound as good as it possibly can. Electronic measurement and tuning guidance can literally show you what direction to turn each lug for optimal matching, and superior "clear" drum sound.

RESOTUNE II™ Is the second generation electronic drum tuner using Circular Science's patented lug measurement technology. In addition to fine matching lugs to each other with digital precision, RESOTUNE II now displays both the lowest fundamental note (in red), and the next higher lug overtone note (in green). This novel dual note display is very useful when voicing your kit to establish your drum sound, and for dialing in a desirable note spread across multiple toms using either fundamental or lug overtone note depending on your playing style.

RESOTUNE II uses a high performance microprocessor to deliver faster measurements with higher resolution. An efficient PWM loudspeaker driver improves battery life by making more sound from less power. The non-volatile (Flash) memory has been increased to hold 48 note pairs including fundamental note, lug note, and lug clear reference data, for reliable, repeatable, return to any previously saved voicing.

RESOTUNE II is now shipping and can be purchased at www.RESOTUNE.com.

ResoTune II

RESOTUNE II measurement technology is protected by US Patent # 6,925,880
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