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Crescent Cymbals

Cymbal Masters LLC, a company owned by Michael Vosbein, Bill Norman, Jeff Hamilton and Stanton Moore, has been importing, marketing and selling Bosphorus Cymbals in the USA since 2004. The company just recently terminated their relationship with Bosphorus Cymbals, however, and will soon (September 2012) be offering their own products under the brand name Crescent Cymbals.

Crescent Cymbals will be hand-made to CymbalMasters' demanding specifications in Istanbul, Turkey.

"We are quite proud of the work we've done with Bosphorus Cymbals, but a long standing inability for them to coinsistently provide us with cymbals proved to be untennable," says Michael Vosbein.

Cymbal Masters, LLC will now focus all of their attention on the new brand, Crescent Cymbals, and plan to have the same team in place. "The same artists, marketing, distribution, dealers and so on have been very supportive of this change," says Michael Vosbein. Crescent Cymbals will produce the only artist approved versions of the popular Jeff Hamilton and Stanton Moore models, as well as updated versions of many of the same models you've known them for.

From the sound of things, the team at Crescent Cymbals have plans to raise the bar even higher. Stay tuned!

Crescent Cymbals

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