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CymPad Hi-Hat Set

CYMPAD has a new Hi-Hat Washer System that combines the company’s premium-grade cellular foam cymbal washer technology and advanced designs to enhance the sound of virtually any Hi-Hat cymbals while also improving the performance of most standard, auxiliary, and remote Hi-Hat stands and holders. The exclusive “Optimizer” Hi-Hat Washer Set includes a pair of specially-designed 22 mm washers for the Hi-Hat clutch as well as a high-density 50 mm washer for the bottom Hi-Hat cymbal seat. This combination quickly, easily and effectively replaces conventional felt and plastic washers— providing a higher level of quality and consistency along with natural shock absorption and a fuller cymbal sound. Available at leading drumshops and music stores, CYMPAD’s deluxe Hi-Hat washer set carries a suggested retail price of just $10.95.

Played and endorsed by the world’s leading drummers and percussionists, CYMPAD is an incredible, affordable and easy to use system for optimizing the sound and performance of virtually all cymbal sizes, types and brands. CYMPAD foam cymbal washers have been developed to outperform and outlast conventional felt washers while offering drummers a host of additional advantages.


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