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“I see the purchase of PureSound as a natural outgrowth of our activities,” explained Jim D’Addario, Chairman & CEO of D’Addario. “D’Addario is viewed as the world’s authority on alloys and wires for stringed instruments, while for ten years PureSound has demonstrated consistent growth through a history of solid research and unique products. PureSound’s strong presence among American and international dealers and distributors has made the brand synonymous with aftermarket snares. It is a formidable force—the combination of D’Addario expertise in metal strings with PureSound’s innovation and trade equity. We expect rapid growth and international expansion from PureSound through D’Addario’s extensive distribution channels.” 

Bart Elliott and Yoav Debasc
Bart Elliott and Yoav Debasc

PureSound Percussion has filled a significant market niche by manufacturing elite quality snare strands in a wide variety of configurations, instantly recognized by their distinctive copper-colored end clips. In addition, the company catalogs a series of tailor-made snare wires for vintage drums, and the Metrix line, equally recognizable for its matte jet black finish and lower price point. PureSound’s founder Yoav Debasc’s passion for drums and knowledge of metallurgy came to good use, at first among studio players seeking to obtain heightened sensitivity and multiple timbres. He began diversifying his snare strand options, garnering acclaim from drumset, concert and marching players. PureSound also manufactures the innovative Speedball bass drum beaters. Debasc will stay on with D’Addario & Co. working on PureSound’s manufacturing operations.

“I would like to thank the drummers and dealers who have supported us for this exciting decade,” said PureSound’s Yoav DeBasc. “I can think of no better home for PureSound than D’Addario & Company. Their market position and metallurgical savvy is unparalleled. And their reputation for relentlessly pursuing new pathways means that PureSound is poised for an exciting future.”

D’Addario & Company, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets complete lines of strings for fretted and bowed musical instruments, drumheads, drum practice pads, and guitar and woodwind accessories under the proprietary brand names D’Addario, Evans Drumheads, Planet Waves, Rico, and HQ Percussion.  D’Addario products are marketed in approximately 120 countries.

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