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DREAM - Energy HiHatsDream Cymbals is proud to announce new additions to their already popular Contact, Energy, and Dark Matter cymbal series.

The new CHH13 Contact 13” Hi Hats (List $279), a great blend of easy playing hand hammered hats and a bright crisp pitch spectrum. The smaller 13” size gives these a unique voice in a fast, clear hi hat.

The new CHH15 Contact 15” Hi Hats (List $333) are round full and bright with a very live stick response. The extra size adds a deeper weighted sound to the chick without compromising response.

The CONTACT series are modern lively bright cymbals that retain the musicality of a hand hammered cymbal while creating a bright and present attack and response.

The new EHH13 Energy 13” Hi Hats (List $412) offer an amazing stick sound, with subtle bright over tones that allow them to cut through any volume levels.

The new EHH15 Energy 15” Hi Hats (List $489) are loud, fat, and bring to table everything you could want in a set of rock hi hats!

The ENERGY series offers a modern sound palette in a machine-hammered cymbal. The sound is loud, bright, and offers great detail, perfect for anyone playing in an amplified setting where volume and clarity is everything! 

DREAM - Dark Matter Flat Earth RideThe DMFE20 Dark Matter Flat Earth Ride 20” (List $369) and DMFE22 22” Dark Matter Flat Earth Ride (List $449) bring a totally unique sound palette not found in any of our ride cymbals. They are warm and emotive, with rich overtones and a complex wash.

Dream DARK MATTER cymbals are created from a proprietary process where the cymbals are fired more than once during their birth cycle. The extreme stresses and heat from this process create a cymbal that is so dramatically changed on a molecular level that they take months or aging to mature.

Dark Matters aren’t just beautiful sounding instruments, they are also visually stunning works of art.

Dream Cymbals and Gongs, Inc., established in 2006, is one of the fastest growing makers of fine quality cymbals and gongs in the world today. Known for their artisan style traditional manufacturing methods and innovative design, Dream Cymbals prides them selves on making cymbals and gongs that professional musicians want to play, at prices any musician can afford.

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