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Dream Cymbals Recycle ProgramWhile some people may consider Canada’s Dream Cymbals the new kids on the block, the Toronto-based company are certainly leading the way with their new green policies. Their new two-pronged approach aims to make cymbals greener by tackling environmental issues on the domestic market front and at their own factory in Wuhan, China.

They started by looking at their own backyard and made changes to make the factory fl oor more environmentally friendly. This included replacing their coal-fi red oven with an electric one to reduce CO2 emissions and installing a closed loop water system with continuous reuse for washing, cooling and tempering cymbals. This system is controlled by living organic plant fi lters for zero waste.

More importantly, they have increased levels of bronze recycling to ensure that virtually every grain of unused material is reclaimed and recycled. This policy goes as far as employing extensive panning techniques and processing of blown-out crucibles to reclaim all residues of bronze.

Finally, Dream Cymbals have decided not to lacquer their cymbals. While it is all very well boasting about installing complicated systems to prevent spills and fumes from polluting the environment, Dream decided that it was better for the environment and their employees to cut out this risk altogether. Instead of applying a high gloss lacquer, all Dream cymbals are cleaned with a simple solution of diluted vinegar and water and, as off autumn 2008, are fi nished with a water-free, non-toxic proprietary polish and protector that is certifi ed as biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Dream Cymbals & Gongs Recycling Program

Dream’s green policy does not stop there, as the company feels it has a responsibility for every cymbal and gong, even after it is sold. If a cymbal breaks under warranty, it is replaced and the offending article is sent back to the smelter to begin life as a new Dream cymbal. This isn’t particularly unique but what Dream are offering after warranty is.

While most drummers will simply bin a broken or cracked cymbal, Dream Cymbals is encouraging drummers to be more attuned to the planet’s needs. To encourage this, Dream is offering to take back out of warranty breakages and recycle them in return for a small credit against future Dream purchases. This offer doesn’t just apply to old Dreams but to ANY true cast bronze cymbal from any manufacturer!

The Dream Cymbals recycling scheme is serviced through all official dealers and is controlled in the UK by Drum Alliance.