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Drum-Tuner by 682drumsDrum-Tuner, by 682Drums, is an iOS app (iPhone, iPod & iPad) to help drummers tune their drums more accurately and quickly. Drums produce an assortment of frequencies — with Drum-Tuner’s unique Frequency Filter, drummers can filter out the undesired or desirable frequencies needed for tuning your drums.

 To use Drum-Tuner, simply tap and tune the drumhead lug-by-lug in a cross pattern, measure the frequencies and tune each lug. Repeat this process until the drum gives you the desired Tune Frequency.

Drum-Tuner by 682drumsA well tuned drum kit sounds so much better! But tuning drums is not easy and time consuming. Drum-Tuner helps you tuning your drums better so you can improve your sound.

With Drum-Tuner you can accurately tune your drums to specific frequencies.

Drum-Tuner has a unique Frequency Filter. Out of all the frequencies a drum produces Drum-Tuner filters out the frequency you want for tuning your drums.


First measure the frequencies near all lugs and tune where you find the biggest differences.

Then tap and tune the head lug-by-lug in a cross pattern. Repeat this until each step gives you the desired Tune Frequency.

An overview with frequencies is also available. Start from here with developing your own sound.

Drum-Tuner is an app you where waiting for. Now you can tune your drums more accurate and much faster.  You can store your frequency details for future use.

Available for iPhone, Ipod and iPad.

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682Drums is leading manufacture of mesh heads for acoustic and electronic drums, offering all standard sizes in black and white. Their almost indestructible XS-PRO dual layer mesh heads have a very natural rebound.