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The Collective

New York City - The Collective School of Music (including the Drummer, Bass, Guitar and Keyboard Collectives) is proud to announce that it has received formal accreditation from the National Association of School’s of Music (NASM)— the primary accrediting body in the United States for music schools and college music departments. The Collective’s accreditation in the category of non-degree conferring institutions will not only add status and significance to its music education programs, it will also increase the school’s ability to interact with other colleges and universities, and enhance its student’s ability to transfer credits earned at The Collective toward degree programs at other institutions.

The Collective was established in 1977 by a group on professional New York musicians who shared the desire to pass along their professional experience to serious students. During the last thirty years, The Collective has graduated thousands of young musicians from more than forty countries. These alumni have gone on to create careers in music at the highest professional levels.  Notable Collective alumni include Billy Martin (Modeski, Martin, and Wood), Will Calhoun (Living Colour), Zach Danziger (Wayne Krantz),  Anton Fig (David Letterman), Sean Pelton (Saturday Night Live),  Chris Wink (Blue Man Group), Tal Wilkenfeld (independent recording artist), and Scott Hogan (Hanson).

The Collective Student Ensemble

An intimate school with an enrollment capacity of just 60 fulltime students, teacher to student ratios at the Collective are five-to-one in first year courses and four-to-one in the more advanced second year courses. Collective programs, which have a rhythm section focus and range in length from ten weeks to two years, are offered for drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard. The typical student demographic is a pre-professional, from 18 to 25 years of age and the members of the Collective faculty, true to the original intent, are among the finest professional New York musicians; each of whom brings their own expertise and experience to their teaching.

The Collective is located near one of Manhattan’s transportation hubs at 14th Street and 6th Avenue - just north of Greenwich Village and within walking distance of the city’s numerous world-class music venues.

For additional information, please contact: The Collective, 541 Avenue of The Americas, New York, New York 10011, 212-741-0091 ... or visit www.thecoll.com.


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