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Meytal Cohen - BreatheCover art for the upcoming, untitled Meytal Cohen band album project.

As one of the most popular drummers on YouTube— and perhaps the most popular female drummer in the world— Meytal Cohen has announced that she is taking a big, bold, ambitious step in her career. The Israeli-born musician, who is credited with more than 65,000,000 views of her drum videos on the video-sharing site, is currently in the process of composing, recording and producing a full-length album of original music with some of the finest players in the Los Angeles area and planning to tour the U.S. and the rest of the world once it is released.

“After more than 100 drum covers, I'm ready to take a leap,” explains Meytal. “I've learned so much by playing along with my favorite songs but I decided it was time to get back to the real reason I decided to become a musician and moved from Israel to Los Angeles 8 years ago: to play music with people, for people.”

Meytal’s first original song, “Breathe”, features a band made up of top studio musicians, including Meytal (drums), Gil Baram (guitar), Eric Emrey (vocals) and Sahaj Tinotin (guitar). According to Meytal, this line-up will remain the core of the project with additional musicians and guest artists appearing to meet the musical needs of her other new songs both on the album and in future live performances.

Because of her success on YouTube and Facebook, it’s no surprise that Meytal is turning to her online supporters and asking them to help fund the new music project through KickStarter. Meytal has put together an extensive presentation on the KickStarter site with photos, bio, videos and notes as well as a host of premiums and packages for anyone who pledges as little as $1. Everyone who contributes will get a free download of “Breathe” while higher value pledges will receive a selection of personal items, DW Drums, Meinl Cymbals or even a lesson from the drummer, herself.

“It's time for me to find my own voice— to take all that I've learned from the bands, drummers and musicians that I look up to and create something new,” Meytal continues. “For the longest time I was waiting for my big opportunity to come along. I thought that if I just keep doing what I love and keep working hard, this opportunity would just show up. But I've recently realized that there's no guarantee anything is going to happen unless you make it happen. So this is me making it happen.”

Learn more at: http://bit.ly/meytal-original-album