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Drumset Supersets is a combined method for quickly developing speed, endurance, control, coordination, and reading. This focused and intense series of drumset workouts will bring your hands and feet to incredible levels of performance. A new multi-task method for learning the drumset, these lessons quickly and simultaneously help you get the most improvement on the instrument in the least amount of time.

Drumset Supersets provides:

  • Lessons that improve the entire body and mind together; overbuilding physical and mental abilities
  • Content that is easy to understand, difficult to master; years of valuable lessons
  • Great for all skill levels: Beginner to Professional; covers all common note values and musical styles
  • Fast improvement of hand & foot speed/endurance, limb control and coordination, mental capacity to read and perform music
  • Increased interest in practicing and performing
  • Improved musical self-confidence and awareness
  • Easy to track progress; lifelong results
  • No equivalent book on the market

Drumset Supersets has received an excellent response from drum students of all abilities who have quickly demonstrated remarkable improvement in their drumming.

"Drumset Supersets is a perfect blend of Ted Reed's Syncopation, Gary Chester's New Breed, and Joe Morello's Master Studies. While keeping it fresh and modern for today's approach to drumming. Drumset Supersets improved every aspect of my playing; chops, reading, coordination, and stamina." — Nik Hughes (Youngblood Hawke, Emily Osment, Kevin Miso)

"Drumset Supersets provides a well thought out and smart way to develop all its intended goals. It also makes the practice time fly by. I have so much of an enjoyable and efficient time practicing with this book, that I also regularly use it in my own lesson plans with students. A main stay for my practice routine." — Zak St. John (Stevie Wonder, The B-52's, Christian Martucci)

"Drumset Supersets immediately pulls you out of your comfort zone whether you want it or not, while developing your muscle memory the deeper you dig into the more complex ostinatos. There's a lifetime of work in this book." — Aviv Cohen (Air Supply, Drugstore Fanatics)

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