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Ensembe et al. - Present Point Passed

The Brooklyn-based percussion group ensemble, et al., releases its debut full-length album present point passed (Infinite Number of Sounds Recording Company). Composed and performed collectively by the quartet, the record employs elements of contemporary chamber music with a "garage band-like" approach to composition. By oscillating from marimba, vibraphone, and glockenspiel to moog synthesizer, drums set, Indian cowbells, and Tibetan bowls, ensemble, et al., proves that indie-classical music can be adventurous, playful and sophisticated.

Described as "quirky and mysterious (New Music Box)" and "beautifully realized 21st century lullabies (WNYC Radio)," ensemble, et al.'s minimalist-vein new music is an amalgamation of the members' varying musical backgrounds. They pepper their classical and jazz training and rock band experiences with post-punk textures resulting in a hypnotic ballet of percussive sounds. It's "down tempo chill music meets indie classical (LucidCulture.com)."

"The process of composing, rehearsing, and recording present point passed was an affirmation that a balance can be struck between composer-driven music in the contemporary classical tradition and the collaboratively-created and improvised music of modern popular music traditions," explains J. RosS Marshall of ensemble, et al. "That dual awareness has manifested itself not just in the sound of the group's music but also in our attitude and approach toward composition."

About ensemble, et al.

ensemble, et al. is a Brooklyn-based percussion quartet who strives to create a boundary-crossing sound that is progressive yet accessible. The group employs elements of contemporary chamber music, instrumental rock, and modal jazz with a "garage band" approach to its compositions. ensemble, et al. performs original compositions and collaborations by its members Ron Tucker, Charles Kessenich, J. RosS Marshall, and Jeff Eng. Placing the search for beautiful sounds and textures above all else, the band keeps its all-instrumental music grounded in lyrical patterns and song forms that tell a story. Elements of improvisation trickle into ensemble, et al.'s minimalist platform, adding excitement and spontaneity. The timbres of marimba, vibraphone, glockenspiel, and drum set dance playfully together, creating a mosaic of sounds that blend and richly complement one another. The group's goal is to create music that represents the next wave in the stylistic synthesis of the contemporary classical, jazz, and pop traditions, and to win over a wide-ranging audience from the staunchest traditionalist and the most progressive listener alike.

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