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Enter Music Network

The Enter Music Network, (EMN), recently launched as the first niche, drum industry ad/marketing network, has expanded internationally through a percussive partnership with IndianDrummer.com. The addition of IndianDrummer.com, the premiere South Asian drumming web site, enables the EMN to capitalize on the far East drumming market. The alliance benefits Indian Drummer since it is extremely receptive to bringing networks like the EMN into the region.

"We are delighted to be allied with Indiandrummer.com," said Phil Hood, President of Enter Music Network. "It helps our advertisers run campaigns with reach into a market that will be a significant source of future growth for music products manufacturers. The Indiandrummer.com development team has a great site and great plans for growth as well."

Hood noted several reasons that Indian Drummer is significant to EMN Indian Drummer is ideally positioned for growth due to its focus on rock and heavy music. The Indian audience, more than in many South Asian countries, is receptive to band-based rock. And, with hundreds of millions of English speakers in the far East, it is a natural market for North American, European, and Japanese music product companies.

The partnership is equally beneficial to Indian Drummer since it will bring new marketing opportunities to the region. Led by Pawan Gujral, Indian Drummer has a young group of drumming marketers, journalists and web developers who are bringing a wide range of information resources to this burgeoning market.

According to Gujral, "India is already proving its role in development of various other verticals and industries like information technology. Our land has limitless opportunities, a huge customer base and a vast area to market music products. Indian Drummer is glad to be part of such an intense music world, where contributions from DRUM! and other drumming platforms are tremendous. We hope to keep up this legacy in the Asian market. So let us join hands toward infinity and beyond."

Reciprocal Editorial Opportunities

In addition to selling network advertising that can run on the indiandrummer.com site, DRUM! and its web site, the two companies plan to share news feeds and explore collaboration on other editorial projects. According to Asheem Sher, marketing director, partnering with Enter Music Network and DRUM! Magazine, fits right in with Indian Drummer plans. "We intend to be the number one information source for this market. We have seen our market changing, growing, and getting many times larger. We welcome all the equipment manufacturers to advertise with us and tap this South Asian market." Says Sher. "Allying with DRUM! enables us to get access to advertising and to North American news of interest to our readers."

About Enter Music Network
Entermusicnetwork.com was founded by Phil Hood and Andy Doerschuk of DRUM! Magazine. It provides advertisers with an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of drummers monthly with millions of impressions across multiple drumming web sites. Entermusicnetwork.com includes drumchannel.com, onlinedrummer.com, drummerconnection.com, drummagazine.com, sickdrummermagazine.com, drummercafe.com and drumlink.com, the drumming industry directory site, among others.

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