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Eucatape (eucalyptus-infused hand drumming and stick tape) is the revolutionary new product from Drum Nerd. It protects your hands, gives a cooling sensation as you play, and smells great in the process. It’s like taking your percussionist to the spa each time they sit down to drum. Eucatape has the ability to make a drummer's hands feel protected whilst not losing any of the true feel of the drum or impeding the tones from drumming.

"Eucatape has saved my hands time and time again. I can now play cajon, congas, and djembe on long tours without worrying about hurting my hands. After performing live for over 20 years, it is great to find a solution that works. A must have for the touring percussionist." Paul Jennings, developer of “playcajon.org” and touring percussionist of "The Red Hot Chili Pipers".

Ryan Lacey, the self proclaimed Drum Nerd and touring/recording percussionist of the internationally known band Gaelic Storm developed this product and uses it on a daily basis while on tour 200 days a year. Ryan had used tape during performances and recording for years, but he knew there was a better way to protect his hands. Finally, one day while waiting for his wife at a spa, the eucalyptus smell struck him. Eucatape makes drumming so much more enjoyable and relaxing. Try it out for yourself or your loved drummer today. You can find it on Amazon Prime.... amzn.to/2dJltvK.


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