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Exodus Cymbals

Exodus Cymbals, a true innovator in the art of cymbal making, has developed a special method of manufacturing cymbals. This approach has resulted in strong growth of Exodus in the Latin America market and other markets. Now the company is in a good position to market its diverse line of cymbals in North America.

A Unique Approach

Exodus builds its hand-hammered Bronze cymbals in a very different way than other cymbal companies. What is unique about the process is the use of Bronze 25, (B25), which no other company does.  Exodus blends B25 with 75% copper during the making of its cymbals at the company’s foundry in Turkey. In contrast, most cymbal companies use B20 Bronze or what is known as Bell Bronze.

"As a result of our process, we are changing the meaning of sound," noted Carlos Skinfill, CEO and founder of Exodus Cymbals, Inc. "This puts us in a great position to build our presence in the North American cymbal market." To support the company’s growth in North America, Skinfill said, Exodus Cymbals will attend Winter NAMM 2013.

 "We are ready and confident that we can expand quickly in North America," said Skinfill. "Our success in other markets reinforces our approach to cymbal making and marketing."

Another key factor for the company’s current success is that they control the entire process, with a strong focus on selling direct. "We like to be involved in everything and pride ourselves in strong communication with our customers," Skinfill said. "Our customer service is very proactive and quick to respond to anything related to our products and Artist Relations since we support what I call 'NEW BLOOD TALENT'."

Additionally, Exodus relies on social networking to build its brand as well. According to Facebook, the company is now the most “Liked” independent cymbal maker, recently passing Meinl, Paiste and Istanbul.

For more info on Exodus Cymbals, visit the company’s website — www.exoduscymbals.com.

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