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Ginger Baker

As part of his 2014 birthday celebration, legendary Cream and Blind Faith drummer Ginger Baker, who turns 75 on August 19, has decided it is now time for him to release his own career spanning anthology on CD and vinyl. A Drummer's Tale, launched as a crowd funding campaign to help finance the project via PledgeMusic.com, will feature not only Baker's music but also a photo book filled with rare photos and memorabilia owned by the Baker family.

Campaign contributions begin at eight pounds. Gifts for making a contribution to the campaign include exclusive photos, the CD, drum sticks, the picture book, autographed merchandise, and VIP access to the Drummer's Tale show. Those contributing to the campaign prior to it reaches the 100% mark will have their names included on the album and in the book credits.

To contribute visit www.pledgemusic.com/projects/gingerbaker.

Message from Ginger Baker

“’Stand by your beds everyone! its been over thirty years since the RSO launched my last ‘The Best of Ginger Baker’ anthology album WITHOUT consulting me about the content! This time I’m in charge, with no label and with the help and support of Pledge Music I am ready to release “A Drummer’s Tale” and the events that inspired these personally chosen tracks from my long career. There will also be a book full of very rare family owned photos and memorabilia. With PledgeMusic the plan is to give you, the fans, something very exclusive. I know you’ll enjoy it, Thanks for your support throughout the years & remember ’don’t cheer, throw money’! "