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Livetronica drummer, Pop/R&B singer and music producer Glorious is excited to announce the launch of her new live show where she creates on-the-fly drum set remixes and sings with electronic dance music (EDM) DJ.

The electronic dance music culture is known for its high energy, beat pumping, epic productions from some of the greatest producers from around the globe but there is a new girl on the scene named Glorious who is injecting her full drum set and powerhouse vocals in the EDM (electronic dance music) concert experience through a newly launched live show for nightclubs and dance music festivals. Glorious was pleased to debut her live show at the world famous underground nightclub Sullivan Room in New York City.

"I'm so excited to launch the show. I love playing the drums and singing and I've been a fan listening and dancing to EDM since I was about 12 years old.  I use to be a jazz drummer growing up, so improv is my deal. My live drum set remixes are my version of improv for electronic dance music. It feels good because the audience is so pumped because I'm singing but what people don't expect is for me to kill it on the drums and they especially don't expect me to sing and play a full drum set at the same time," says Glorious.

Visual stimulation has always been an important element along with the sound production at events. As more event producers and venues raise the bar with lighting and backdrops they also use performers like aerial artists and flame twirlers to elevate visual sensory. Nightclub management, promoters and talent buyers are looking for what or who they can add to heighten every aspect of the experience.  Big name dance music DJs and producers want to make each show different and powerful to keep their fans engaged every time they attend their show and hear their music. Glorious delivers that unique blend of visual stimulation and sound with her ability to create drum set remixes to a variety of EDM styles like house, progressive house, trance, techno, and electronica and cover vocals on favorite dance tracks and remixes of contemporary music.

"At Sullivan Room we are known for providing the best in underground house and techno music in New York City. What's made us so successful for more than 10 years is that we always try new things. Glorious playing a full drum kit with our resident DJ wasn't something we had done before and I was curious how it would work but her energy and talent captivated the crowd and our dance floor," says Sergei Sklyarenko, aka SR Serge, owner of Sullivan Room.

Watch part of Glorious' show at the Sullivan Room with a special live drum set remix to Tiësto's Maximal Crazy.


Glorious, a livetronica drummer, Pop/R&B singer and producer, has been making music since she started playing drums at the age of three. Glorious pulls from her jazz background and a variety of styles to create her own sound that gets audiences moving, engaged and inspired. She is glamorous yet edgy, classy yet full of grit. Glorious' throw down factor makes her sound and performance one to remember. Her unique strengths of livetronica drumming and soulful vocals produce music that connects the electronic dance music culture and contemporary Pop/R&B in a new way. Named after her grandmother, Glorious Cooper, Glorious has learned to use her life experiences—the good and the challenging—and channel them into her music. The result: a sound universal in meaning and unique in personal inspiration. Glorious is an Electronic Production and Design major at the world renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. www.gloriouslive.com